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Islamic Fundamentals Guide

Islamic Fundamentals Guide

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Introducing the Islamic Fundamentals Guide, designed specifically for those who are new to the Islamic faith. This guide is packed full of information to help new reverts get acquainted with the in's and out's of Islam. From helpful websites and books to articles about talking with family, this guide is a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to learn more about the Islamic faith. Whether you're a new revert yourself or looking to help someone on their journey to Islam, the New Muslim Guide is an invaluable resource.

Please indicate if you're a mosque and which mosque you're with so your mosque gets the 20% donation from your order.

The Guide contents:

*Prayer Cards

*Basic Beliefs

*Muslim Etiquette

*How to talk to parents

*How to find acceptance among your family

*Helpful Literature and Online Resources

*Islamic Phrases

*Arabic Alphabet

*Basic Arabic Phrases

*Arabic Numbers

*Helpful Hadiths

*Surahs for Prayer, with a Quick Surah Reference Guide

*Wudu Guide, with a Quick Reference "what to say during Wudu"

*Ghusl Guide


*Islamic Planner

-with available 30 day refills for $12 sold separately.


Mosques looking to purchase in bulk:

Over 5 guides, the price is reduced to $20. With each purchase 20% will go back to the Mosque as a donation from Khadijah's Flowers. 

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